by Naveen Rjy on Friday, August 12, 2011 at 6:39pm on facebook note

…. after jai andhra agitation devolopement in costal andhra towns paralised. prior to that a balanced growth was there such as B C grade towns . for last 3 decades no urban infracture in andhra region. only two big towns are small cities for for Andhra . Vishakapatnam is okay but Vijayawada infracture is not up to the need.
better not to discuss about other B type towns they are far better before Jai Andhra movement. now they all look like abonded.
after Jai Andhra agitation all roads lead to Hyderabad. all Govts focused on hyd only. Globalaisation trends drove pvt sector to invest in hyderabad only. this all remained Andhra towns abonded. last godavari puskarams gave some face lift to Rajahmundry, but Krishna Puskaram funds could not played that much at Vijayawada.
Even common civilians also forgot their native areas. because the kith and kin are reaching in to hyderabad for jobs. parents are after them. thus Andhra became orphan on it own rich resourceful land.
Better late than never ,Samaikhya vadulu! think it.
Andhra region has the potential of comfortbly building up 20 to 25 big towns Explore the chances insted of countinuing the focus on only Hyderabad. it took 3 decades to Hyderabad to reach this much heights, but building infracture in own rich costal andhra it is 2 decades enough. younger people have no regionl desparities. their mindset is different for career or for earnings they are for global village concept
let us put our minds on building up sattlite streets (in Andhra area) for global village to utilise natural resoures in full scale locally !
What do you say ?